• Designed Molecules Trap Cancer Cells in Deadly Cages

    Chemists have designed a carbohydrate-based molecule that can surround and strangle bone cancer cells by self-assembling into a tangled web of nanofibers. Read more

  • Nanowire Clothing Could Keep People Warm

    Scientists have now developed a novel nanowire coating for clothes that can both generate heat and trap the heat from our bodies better than regular clothes. Read more

  • Fast, Accurate New Nanoparticle-Based Sensor System for Screening Cancer Drugs

    Using an engineered gold nanoparticle and three fluorescent proteins provides "a three-channel sensor that can be trained to detect subtle changes in cell surface properties." Read more

  • NASA Experiments with Self-Assembly Techniques on the International Space Station

    The Structure of Paramagnetic Aggregates from Colloidal Emulsions (InSPACE) experiments explored nanoparticles suspended in magnetorheolocial fluids, a type of smart fluid that tends to self-assemble into shapes in the presence of a magnetic field. Read more

  • Technique Simultaneously Determines Nanomaterials’ Chemical Makeup

    Researchers from DOE's Argonne National Laboratory & Ohio Univ. have devised a powerful technique that simultaneously resolves the chemical characterization and topography of nanoscale materials down to the height of a single atom. Read more

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Help us demonstrate how beautiful the nanoscale can be and explain how the research behind your picture may lead to nanotechnologies that benefit society. All students studying in the U.S. are welcome to send their pics!


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Graduate students: Submit videos that demonstrate how your nanotechnology research will bring solutions to real-world problems.


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NNCO hosted the first in a series of webinars for small and medium enterprises in nanotechnology, “Roadblocks to Success in Nanotechnology Commercialization – What Keeps the Small and Medium Enterprise Community Up at Night?” 


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