National Nanotechnology Day is October 9th: What are you doing for #NationalNanoDay?

(September 25, 2017) National Nanotechnology Day is an annual event featuring a series of community-led events and activities on or around October 9th to help raise awareness of nanotechnology, how it is currently used in products that enrich our daily lives, and the challenges and opportunities it holds for the future. This date, 10/9, pays homage to the nanometer scale, 10-9 meters.
Schools, labs, and organizations around the country are hosting a wide variety of activities. Here are some of the planned events: 
 NND collageCommunity Events: Women in Chemical Engineering and the Clean Energy Institute are hosting “Introduce a Girl to Nano,” a community event at the University of Washington. Participants can build a graphene circuit, a solar cell, and get an official Girl Scout patch. 
Professional and Technical Societies: American Chemical Society, American Chemistry Council, American Society of Mechanical Engineering, and American National Standards Institute are among the societies and organizations hosting dedicated National Nanotechnology Day webpages, as well as engaging in a variety of other activities, including a nanotechnology-related webinar, blog posts, social media posts and engagement, newsletter write-ups, and highlighting their respective societies’ nanotechnology resources such as books, podcasts, articles, and courses.
100 Billion Nanometer Dash: People around the country are running the 100 Billion Nanometer Dash, including elementary and middle school students, graduate students, and running clubs. A number of university mascots are also taking part in the run.
Lab Tours, Open Houses, and Events: Universities including Georgetown and Northwestern are inviting the public in to visit their nanotechnology lab facilities. Nodes of the National Nanotechnology Coordination Infrastructure are hosting events, partnering with local museums to create exhibits and perform demos, and opening their doors to students and members of the public.
Elementary and Middle Schools: Students and teachers are participating in a variety of activities, including the 100 Billion Nanometer Dash, college campus tours, and nanotechnology demos. The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office has provided nanotechnology brochures to interested teachers nationwide, from Virginia to California, to use as part of their activities.
University Student Clubs: Clubs focused on nanotechnology and other emerging technologies are participating in National Nanotechnology Day by running the 100 Billion Nanometer Dash on campus, posting pictures and videos of the race to social media, and hosting lectures.
For more information and to see the full list, visit the National Nanotechnology Day 2017: Events and Activities page.