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Nano-Infused Paint Can Detect Strain

A new kind of paint made with carbon nanotubes can detect strain and deformations in building, bridges, and airplanes. (Learn More >>)

Nanotech Method for Capturing Firefly Light

Researchers use nanotechnology to harness bioluminescence, offering potential for ultra-high efficiency conversion of chemical energy to light. (Learn More >>)

Nanotech Goes Big

Large sheets made from carbon nanotubes could lead to lighter aircraft and more ­resilient space probes. (Learn More >>)

Unzipped CNTs could energize fuel cells

Stanford scientists developed a technique that could make carbon nanotubes (CNTs) a cost-effective alternative to platinum-- an expensive metal currently used in fuel cells. (Learn More >>)

Exploring Rational Design

This Berkeley Lab experiment may prove a contentious theory of nanocrystalline growth and self-assembly, paving the way to the energy devices of the future. (Learn More >>)

NNI Announces New Nanotechnology Signature Initiative

The member agencies of the NNI and OSTP have unveiled plans for the "Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure." (Learn More >>)

New 3-D Nanostructures Assemble with Remarkable Precision

A team of scientists and mathematicians are developing self-assembling, three-dimensional nanostructures that can be used for targeted drug delivery. (Learn More >>)

MIT Develops Revolutionary Glare-Free Glass

The nanotextured surface of this 'multifunctional glass' is also anti-fog and self-cleaning. (Learn More >>)

Quantum computer built inside a diamond

Built by a team at the Univ. of Southern California, this demonstration is particularly promising because it can be easily scaled up in size. (Learn More >>)

Nano 3D printing hits the fast track

Using femtosecond pulses from an 800-nm laser, researchers created this 285 micron racecar in just 4 minutes. (Learn More >>)