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Drag-and-Drop Drug Development

Using a simple "drag-and-drop" computer interface and DNA self-assembly techniques, researchers have developed a new approach for drug development that could drastically reduce the time required to create and test medications. (Learn More >>)

Nanosensor mimics dog's nose to detect explosives

This device is reportedly capable of real-time detection and identification of certain types of molecules at concentrations of one part per billion or below. (Learn More >>)

Nanotextured butterfly wings inspire self-cleaning surfaces

These nanotextured surfaces prevent dirt build up and reduce drag, and could enable applications ranging from more efficient airplanes to self-cleaning medical equipment. (Learn More >>)

Airless bike tires use carbon nanotubes to keep their shape

A U.S. designer has built a prototype of bike tires that use adjustable carbon nanotube composites, rather than air-filled innertubes. (Learn More >>)

One step closer to a roll-up e-tablet, smartphone

The "E-sheet" will be ultra-thin and virtually indestructible; it would be as rollable as a rubber mat and able to withstand rolling or folding 10's of thousands of times. (Learn More >>)

Manufacturing complex 3D metallic structures at nanoscale made possible

Scientists made the discovery while studying the irregular folding of metallic thin films. (Learn More >>)

Nanotechnology Solar Cell Achieves 18.2% Efficiency

NREL researchers made 'black silicon'-- nano-islands of silver on a silicon wafer with billions of holes-- that reduces light reflection allowing for greater energy capture. (Learn More >>)

CNT Sensors can be Drawn with Mechanical Pencils

MIT chemists designed a type of pencil lead made of a compressed powder of CNTs, which can be used like a normal pencil to draw sensors onto paper. (Learn More >>)

NIST Physicist David Wineland Wins 2012 Nobel Prize

An American scientist discovered a way to manage, measure and control fragile quantum states. Wineland shares the prize with France's Serge Haroche. (Learn More >>)

Join the US Pavilion at nano tech 2013 in Tokyo!

Japan's annual "nano tech" is the world's largest nanotechnology exhibition, hosting more than 50,000 attendees last year. (Learn More >>)