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NSF investment aims to take flat materials to new heights

Researchers will explore fundamental materials properties, synthesis & characterization, predictive modeling techniques and scalable fabrication and manufacturing methods to create new devices for photonics, electronics, sensors & energy harvesting. (Learn More >>)

Nanotubes help healing hearts keep the beat

Carbon nanotubes serve as bridges that allow electrical signals to pass unhindered through new pediatric heart-defect patches invented at Rice University and Texas Children's Hospital. (Learn More >>)

NanoArt's Tiny Masterpieces

The Wall Street Journal features images from the third International Festival of NanoArt. (Learn More >>)

Graphene sensor will let us see through walls

A team of researchers from the University of Maryland recently developed a graphene-based sensor that lets people see through walls. (Learn More >>)

Atom-Sized Construction Could Shrink Future Gadgets

The Pentagon's recently launched Atoms to Product (A2P) program aims to develop atom-size materials to build state-of-the-art military and consumer products. (Learn More >>)

UMass patch would spot stressed-out soldiers

Based on research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, armed services personnel may soon have access to wearable health monitoring technology, in the form of a wearable sensor that would gauge stress and fatigue. (Learn More >>)

NREL bolsters batteries with nanotubes

Researchers at the Energy Department's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are turning to nanotubes and rods to boost power and durability in lithium-ion batteries, the energy sources for cell phones, laptops, and electric vehicles. (Learn More >>)

3D Printed Nanostructured Materials Are Strong, Light, Have Many Uses

Engineers at MIT and Lawrence Livermore National Lab have devised a way to translate that airy, yet remarkably strong, structure down to the nanoscale — designing a system may set new records for stiffness for a given weight. (Learn More >>)

NY Times: Nanosilver May Help Provide a Path Away from Antibiotic Resistance

An NC State biomed professor tests a nanosilver-coated bandage on a persistent infection from a bug bite, instead of taking a course of oral antibiotics, and it worked. (Learn More >>)

Drug-Delivering Nanomotor is 500 Times Smaller Than a Grain of Salt

A group of engineers at the University of Texas have developed what they are calling the smallest and best such nanomotor ever built. (Learn More >>)