Nanotechnology 101

Imagine something so small that it's a million times smaller than the length of an ant. Then consider the ability to manipulate something that small to solve problems and create new products. Welcome to the world of nanotechnology.

What It Is and How It Works

Learn what nanotechnology is, explore the size of “nano,” and find out how scientists see and manipulate nanomaterials.

What's So Special about the Nanoscale?

Simply put, materials can have different properties and can function in unique ways when structured at the nanoscale.

NNI Accomplishments Archive

Significant scientific and technological achievements have been made as a result of the R&D funding by NNI participating agencies.

Nanotechnology Timeline

This page traces the development of nanotechnology from first concepts to the latest developments.


This glossary has definitions for a variety of terms related to nanotechnology.

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