Past Meetings and Events

NIH SBIR Proposal Checklist Webinar

In this webinar we'll explore the up front planning process for developing an NIH SBIR/STTR proposal and provide you with a checklist of key activities designed to help facilitate the actual writing. Topics covered will include: Pre-draft homework, Proposal development time table, Component inventory, and Project planning checklist.

American Chemical Society's nanoEHS briefing for Congress

Congressional briefing. RSVP required.

NSTI TechConnect: Nanotech 2012

Join NSTI in Santa Clara for the world's largest gathering of nanotechnology experts. In its 15th year, NSTI anticipates 4,000 participants and 300 exhibitors from the global innovation community.

NSF/AFOSR: 2D Materials & Devices Beyond Graphene

The objective of this workshop is to bring together leading scientists from around the world working at the forefront of 2D material systems, to discuss the future and impact of non-graphene 2D atomic layers and devices that can have both scientific and technological implications and applications in the future.

Materials Research Society: New Diamond and Nano Carbons Conference

Hosted in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, the conference will present high-impact scientific and technological advances, along with critical developments to enable the application of diamond, carbon nanostructures, graphene and related materials in a diverse range of products.

2012 Regional, State, & Local Initiatives in Nanotechnology (RSL 2012) Workshop

A workshop sponsored by the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) to assess the current landscape of regional, state, and local (RSL) nanotechnology initiatives.