Past Meetings and Events

Nanotechnology for Defense (NT4D)

NT4D focuses on accelerating the rate of transition from discovery to technology, and is committed to providing a fertile and stimulating forum for discussion on recent nanotechnology innovations in order to maximize their impact on defense and dual-use technologies.

2nd Annual Conference of the Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization

The conference program will address the critical aspects of sustainable nanotechnology such as life cycle assessment, green synthesis, green energy, industrial partnerships, environmental and biological fate, and the overall sustainability of engineered nanomaterials.

The 6th International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health

The 6th International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health (NanOEH) will provide a high quality of scientific forum for scientists and practitioners to present and discuss the interaction between technical advances and societal, occupational and environmental impacts in the field of nanotechnology research.

NSF/ONR: Workshop on Key Scientific and Technological Issues for Development of Next-Generation Organic Solar Cells

The goal of this workshop is to summarize a strategic plan to address key issues in materials synthesis, device design, and photovoltaic processes control for developing next-generation organic solar cells with device efficiencies greater than 15 %.

Stakeholder Perspectives on the Perception, Assessment, and Management of the Potential Risks of Nanotechnology (R3 Workshop)

This one and a half day, 100 – 120 person public workshop will attempt to highlight practical tools that might be used by non-Federal decision makers in their consideration of potential risks, including quantitative and qualitative assessment and management methods.

Clusters, Nanocrystals & Nanostructures

From Fundamental Chemical and Physical Processes to Applications.

5th Workshop on Nanotube Optics and Nanospectroscopy

Organized bySteve Doorn (LANL) and Feng Wang (UC Berkeley). The workshop will focus on the optical studies on nanotubes and graphene, including Light absorption, emission, & scattering; Raman spectroscopy; Carrier interactions, band structure & optical spectra; Excitons in carbon nanotubes; Spectroscopy of individual nanotubes; Magneto- and electro-optics; and more.

2013 NNI Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop

The 2013 NNI Stakeholder Workshop will obtain input outside the U.S. Government on the future directions of the NNI. The recommendations of this one-and-a-half day workshop will inform the development of the 2013 NNI Strategic Plan.

57th International Conference on Electron, Ion, and Photon Beam Technology and Nanofabrication

EIPBN, the “3-Beams”, Conference, is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning. Traditionally focused on electron, ion, and photon beams, (the 3 beams), the technology of nanofabrication covered in this conference has grown to include nanoimprint and molecular self-assembly as well.

Symposium on Materials and Processes for Flexible Devices and Electronics

Topics will include flexible electronics, organic photovoltaics (OPV), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), flexible displays, nanocomposites, additive-driven assembly, roll-to-roll (R2R) processing, and emerging tools.