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Congressional Nanotechnology Caucus held event on Job Creation

The event, held Tuesday, November 15 in the Russell Senate Office Building, was hosted by Sen. Wyden of Oregon. (Learn More >>)

Nano-enabled artifical skin has built-in touch sensors

NNI funded researchers at Stanford developed a super stretchy "skin" that is flexible and touch-sensitive enough to be used in human prosthetics. (Learn More >>)

Now Accepting Questions for Today's Webinar

Join the webinar today at noon to learn about the 2011 EHS Research Strategy. Send your questions now to (Learn More >>)

EHS Research Strategy Now Available

An archived version of the webinar to launch the EHS Research Strategy is now available on NNI experts highlighted new elements and took questions from the public on this key strategy document. (Learn More >>)

Quasicrystals Discovery Earns 2011 Nobel Prize

Quasicrystals revealed atoms in a nonrepeating, mosaic pattern thought to be scientifically impossible; this discovery was made possible by what we now consider the tools of nanotechnology. (Learn More >>)

Nanoparticles lift, drag, and release cargo

The successful remote manipulation of nano-swimmers could enable drug delivery, water purification, and bioharzard detection. (Learn More >>)

A New World Record

Chemists at Tufts University in Boston, Mass. are submitting their work to Guinness World Records after creating the world's smallest motor, composed of a single molecule and measuring just one nanometer across. (Learn More >>)

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

Just how small is the nanoscale? Our chart illustrates the size of the nanoscale relative to other everyday objects. (Learn More >>)

Today's Puzzle

What do medieval stained glass windows and the 17th century Sword of Damascus have in common? Nanotechnology! (Learn More >>)

Graphene Possibly Detected in Space

This discovery could hold clues to the development of life on Earth. (Learn More >>)