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Nano 3D printing hits the fast track

Using femtosecond pulses from an 800-nm laser, researchers created this 285 micron racecar in just 4 minutes. (Learn More >>)

Hybrid nanoparticles could reduce greenhouse gases

MIT scientists combined gold and copper nanoparticles, creating a stable metal that can convert CO2 using very little electricity. (Learn More >>)

NNCO Welcomes New Director

Dr. Robert Pohanka joins NNCO after serving as Director of the DoD's Defense Venture Catalyst Initiative (DeVenCI), where he led and directed the strategy for finding private sector technologies and bringing them to the marketplace. (Learn More >>)

Russian Scientists Visit NNCO

The visit was co-sponsored by the Open World Leadership Center (an independent agency in the U.S. legislative branch) and the State Department under a program to foster relationships between U.S. and Russian leaders in various fields. (Learn More >>)

NanoDays Festival Underway Across the Country

NanoDays-- a festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering-- will take place at more than 200 locations nationwide. Find an event near you! (Learn More >>)

NNI Participates in Nano Tech 2012 in Japan

With 510 companies from 23 countries, this event is the largest annual nanotechnology conference in Asia. (Learn More >>)

RSL 2012: Limited Space Left

The NNI Regional, State, and Local Initiatives in Nanotechnology 2012 Workshop (RSL 2012) will be held in Portland, OR on May 1-2, 2012. Register now-- space is still available to present a poster. (Learn More >>)

DoD and NIH research collaboration leads to early cancer detection startup company

Highly sensitive biosensors detect cancer using a silicon nano-membrane. (Learn More >>)

Nano-Fabric Uses Body Heat to Create Electricity

This thermoelectric fabric made of carbon nanotubes in plastic-- called "Power Felt"-- can convert body heat into electricity. Someday you might charge a cell phone just by sitting on it! (Learn More >>)

Kenmore Middle School Wins Nanotechnology Award

Arlington's Kenmore Middle School took home the prize for the NNI-sponsored award for the best use of nanotechnology in the 2012 Future City National Finals. (Learn More >>)