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Welcome to the Nano.gov newsroom. The National Nanotechnology Initiative –the NNI –envisions a future in which applications of nanotechnology will lead to a revolution in technology and industry that benefits society. At its heart the NNI stimulates collaboration and coordination of nanotechnology R&D among the 20 Federal agencies and departments that are involved.

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NNI Announces Multimedia Contests for Students

NNI launches video and image contests for students in honor of President Clinton's landmark speech 15 years ago announcing the creation of the initiative.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Announces the Initiation of a Public Private Industry Partnership on Translation of Nanotechnology in Cancer (TONIC)

An immediate consequence of this effort will be the formation of a consortium involving government and pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. This consortium will evaluate promising nanotechnology platforms and facilitate their successful translation from academic research to clinical environment.

Federal Government Releases Environmental, Health, & Safety Research Strategy for Nanotechnology

Noon Webinar to Discuss Strategy’s Development and Focus Areas

NNI Releases Four Workshop Reports from the nanoEHS Series

The NNI released four reports that are the result of the "nanoEHS" workshop series, part of an ongoing strategy to coordinate nano-EHS research.

Dr. Clayton Teague Steps Down After Eight Years as NNCO Director

With both enthusiasm and expertise, Dr. Teague led tge NNCO, paving the way for the NNI to become among the most respected interagency programs.

National Nanotechnology Coordination Office Announces New Deputy Director Dr. Sally Tinkle

The NNCO is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sally Tinkle as the Deputy Director of the NNCO and Coordinator for EHS.

The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop

The NNI will host the Strategic Planning Stakeholder Workshop at the Hotel Palomar in Arlington, VA on July 13-14, 2010.

Capstone Workshop

The Capstone meeting will focus on risk management methods and the ethical, legal, and societal implications (ELSI) of nanotechnology.

FY 2011 Budget Brief 2/24/2010

The 2011 Budget proposes $1.7 billion for the multi-agency National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI).