Current Solicitations

Below is a list of current grant solicitations in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Additionally, some Federal agencies have specific web pages for nanotechnology funding opportunities. You can also find a variety of Government programs on our Funding Opportunities page.

This page is updated weekly, but for a full list of all available Federal grants visit, as well as Fed Biz As a note, solicitations are often worded generally and the technological tools to be employed, whether micro-, nano- or macro-scale, are not specified. Looking broadly into areas of interest—for instance, toxin removal or semiconducting materials—is often the best approach.  Dates below are deadline dates.

NIH: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Biology and Medicine [PA-11-148]

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to stimulate nanoscience and nanotechnology research approaches that have the potential to make valuable contributions to biology and medicine.

NIH: Cancer Diagnostic and Therapeutic Agents Enabled by Nanotechnology [PAR-10-286]

This Funding Opportunity Announcement, invites Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) cooperative agreement applications from small business concerns (SBCs) that propose to develop new, or to improve existing application(s) of nanotechnology-based therapeutics or/and in vivo diagnostics.

NSF: Metals and Metallic Nanostructures Program (MMN) [PD 09-1771]

The Metals and Metallic Nanostructures (MMN) Program supports fundamental research on the relationship between the structure and properties of metals and alloys. "Structure" is used in the broadest sense, encompassing length scales from the atomic to the macroscopic, including the nano, micro and mesoscales.

DOE: Continuation of Solicitation for the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program [DE-FOA-0000768]

The Office of Science of the Department of Energy hereby announces its continuing interest in receiving grant applications for support of scientific work.

NIH: Development of Appropriate Pediatric Formulations and Pediatric Drug Delivery Systems [PAR-11-301]

The purpose of this Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is to address different and complementary research needs for the development and acceptability of pediatric drug formulations in different age groups.

NIH: Complex Technologies and Therapeutics Development for Mental Health Research and Practice [PA-11-133]

The goal of the SBIR program at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is to support small businesses to develop technologies that can advance the mission of the Institute.

NIH: Development of Multifunctional Drug and Gene Delivery Systems [PAR-10-048]

This Funding Opportunity Announcement encourages Research Project Grant applications from institutions/organizations that propose the engineering of novel, multifunctional drug and gene delivery systems that can target therapies to particular cells and intracellular compartments.

NIH: Image-guided Drug Delivery in Cancer [PA-09-253 ]

This Funding Opportunity encourages innovative translational research in the development of quantitative in vivo imaging characterization of image-guided drug delivery (IGDD) in cancer, including characterizations of the target, delivery validation, and therapy response.

DoD: Naval Research Lab (NRL) Wide Broad Agency Announcement [BAA-N00173-01]

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is the Navy's corporate laboratory. NRL conducts basic and applied research for the Navy in a variety of scientific and technical disciplines. The basic research program is driven by perceptions about future requirements of the Navy.

DoD: Research Interests of the US Air Force Academy [USAFA -BAA-2009-1]

USAFA strives to conduct research to enhance the ability of the Air Force to perform its mission.